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Stylistics Presentation

Attached is a group presentation focusing on the module of Stylistics, by exploring an extract of ‘Kafka on the Shore’ through the analysis of 2 different stylistic theories. Read More

Written plan of the curation of my own art exhibition/event

Introduction: As the Head Technician and Curator for Coventry University’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities, I take responsibility for the creative planning and safe delivery of 12 students artwork to showcase in a 1920’s Jazz Age themed exhibition at ‘The Old Truman Brewery’, located in the heart of Brick Lane in East London. The exhibition Read More

How employable do your skills make you?

‘Professional Development’ outlined the value of employability skills and their relevance to establishing a career. Employability skills are classified as “general job skills” which are “common skills needed to do most jobs” (Youth Central: 2017). Through different employability training within and prior to the module, I have developed and enhanced practical skills that can be Read More

Post-graduation and the routes you didn’t know about

The module of ‘Professional Development’ has provided me with the opportunity to understand the importance of preparing for post-graduation as well as broadening my understanding of the options available for an English graduate. In this post I will be exploring the options available as well as my potential career plans for after graduation. An English Read More

Language and Gender

Attached you will be able to view a group project on language and gender. It follows the way language is used and perceived based on different factors, particularly gender. Read More

Feminism Project

Download the presentation created around the literary approach of feminism. It explores the progression of the different waves of feminism whilst simultaneously linking to Chinua Achebe’s ‘Things Fall Apart’ Read More

19th Century Gothic Era Project

You can view a group presentation exploring the 19th Century Gothic era including research about society at the time, the language evolution in America and Britain and the way the English language was used in literature. This presentation displays technical IT, research and analytical skills developed through groupwork. Read More

Self-Reflection: Option 2

In this report, I will be reflecting on the creation of my ‘Domain of One’s Own’ website by exploring the academic, technical and practical aspects, challenges faced, future developments and the skills I have attained through creating this site. In the first stages of setting up my DooO website, I found installing the WordPress application Read More

Digital Discourse Analysis: Option 3

The TV adverts Chanel No.5: ‘The One I Want’ (2014) featuring Gisele Bundchen and Coco Mademoiselle (2011) starring Keira Knightley, promoted two different high end branded, women’s fragrances. In this analysis, I will be using elements of multimodality to compare and contrast the design choices made throughout the construction of these adverts. Multimodality focuses on Read More

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