Leadership Award 2021

Societies and Sports Clubs at university run no less than a small business or company, they require time, dedication and genuine passion to see their successful running.

Although I worked as President of CUSU MTS during a global pandemic, I have still been able to develop skills and implement new strategies and standardised practices that will help the society (particularly the administrative side) function efficiently.

In January 2021, I was lucky enough to receive a ‘This is CUSU’ Gold Leadership Award. Tiered into 3 stages, depending on the level of engagement and activity, students who are involved with the university’s students’ union, are eligible to nominate and receive a Leadership Award.

For supervising and leading a committee to ensure the smooth running of the Society’s Workshops, Online Showcase and Socials. Supporting the society in various areas including admin, creative and pastoral sides.

Verified Skills:
Communication: Empathetic
Change Management
Personal Skills: Professionalism
Organisational Skills
Commercial Marketing

Thrilled for the recognition and I cannot wait to see what more we can get up to this year and in the future.


CUSU Musical Theatre Society 2020-21

Throughout my university experience, as well as working towards my degree, I became a member our university’s ‘Musical Theatre Society’ and I have been a member since 2018.

When first joining the society I entered it as a cast member and participated in auditions for theatre shows like ‘The Addams Family’ (2019) and our own written Winter Showcase, ‘The Long Way Round’ (2019). As a cast member I attended weekly rehearsals working towards these shows in which we learnt choreographed dances, singing sessions and acting workshops. I have also been part of social nights and trips run by the society.

Joining the society has provided me with transferable skills of communication, team building, punctuality and confidence skills. It has enabled me to grow as a person whilst pursing my passion for theatre.

As I embark on my final year of university, I have been elected in as our society’s 2020-21 President. My role will be to support members, organise shows and events, lead our committee through decisions surrounding the society by liaising with our Student’s Union and overall handling the admin and logistics side of our creative society.

I look forward to this new challenge and you can follow our social media handles and the following links to stay updated on our progress throughout the next academic year:-

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: @cusumusicaltheatre

Facebook: Coventry University Musical Theatre Society