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Statement of Content Disclaimer:-

This website is an individual curation as a platform for my own university projects, activities and recognition experienced during and post my degree. The content published and used throughout this site is an expression of my own personal opinions, views and ideologies and is therefore in no way claimed by Coventry University or other third party organisations that may be mentioned or linked throughout the website.

Posts found under the menu heading of ‘Projects’ [(2), (3)] and ‘English Dissertation’ have been submitted as university assignments for the progression of my degree. The assignments within these blogs are not academic sources and should not be cited as such.

However, the content within the posts have a list of academic sources which are either publicly available or have been accessed from our university’s library facilities.

Readers are encouraged to use those listed sources from the reference lists mentioned at the end of each assignment as academic sources.

All the media used throughout the website are images that have been either photographed personally or have been taken from Royalty Free websites:-

Links that have been used to aid posts are all publicly available, whether they are social media handles, articles or websites, most of which are used for academic purposes.

This site is expected to reach a small audience, centred from a controlled organisation and is mostly used for academic degree purposes and is therefore not deemed as an appropriate platform for third party advertisements or marketing.

If there are any issues or concerns regarding the content used on this site, please find out how to get in touch from the site’s ‘Contact’ section.

Thank you,
Diya Chopra

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