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When I first joined university, I thought people has glamorised it to such an extent that I was almost beginning to regret my decision for joining. Moving away from home is a big deal and most first year students find the contact time reduction from A-levels to university to be a big adjustment. One way I curbed this sudden change was by signing up onto an online website as a private tutor!

Throughout my university career, I have been advertised as a Private English Tutor, specialising in both literature and language for pre-GCSE, GCSE, A-levels and first year university students. As a self-employed tutor I have been able to control the hours I work and adjust them according to my university schedule. Working with a range of students has helped improve my interpersonal skills and overall time management.

As a tutor I adapt my lessons according to the individual student’s strengths and weaknesses as well as the content they’re studying or need more support with. Along with content, every student has a different teaching style they respond best to, so, I work to change my teaching styles to make the student feel more comfortable and help them understand the work.

Being a tutor has been a rewarding and interesting experience and I will definitely be continuing to tutor post-undergraduate studies. If you’re considering becoming a tutor or require a tutor for yourself or someone else, there are a range of websites where you can find affordable and qualified tutors for almost any subject. Please use the links below to explore this industry more:-

Diya Chopra | Private English Tutor | SuperProf:

Tutor Ocean:

GoStudent Tutoring Website:

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