City of Culture 2021

UK City of Culture is a designation given to a UK city for the period of one calendar year, during which the successful bidder hosts cultural festivities through culture-led regeneration for the year.

Adding to my university experience, Coventry was nominated as the UK City of Culture 2021, which provided me with the opportunity to work on new upcoming artistic projects. I was fortunate enough to work as a Trainee Production Assistant for Strictly Arts Theatre Company and The Belgrade Theatre on the set of a upcoming TV series, ‘Seaview’.

The internship involved me with the duties of a production assistant, providing administrative and organisational support to senior production staff. My role responsibilities included clearing copyrights, booking studios, equipment, staff time, liaising with wider teams, preparing and distributing briefing notes, arranging and booking travel, organising schedules and budgeting.

Other smaller jobs included get-ins and get-outs with set preparation and working closely with the production staff and crew to ensure the smooth running of the daily set schedule.

It was an interesting experience and opened my eyes to the different aspects of working on a set. One of the main challenges was ensuring all our different set locations were ready for shooting days and that we remained on schedule. I enjoyed learning about how a set works, meeting some incredible people in the entertainment industry and being able to contribute to the City of Culture 2021.

This was overall an eye-opening experience and opened the door to new opportunities in the entertainment and hospitality industry.

Keep an eye out on social media for information about the ‘Seaview’ release date. You can follow the link below to find out about any events or festivities happening in Coventry for the City of Culture.

Private Tutor

When I first joined university, I thought people has glamorised it to such an extent that I was almost beginning to regret my decision for joining. Moving away from home is a big deal and most first year students find the contact time reduction from A-levels to university to be a big adjustment. One way I curbed this sudden change was by signing up onto an online website as a private tutor!

Throughout my university career, I have been advertised as a Private English Tutor, specialising in both literature and language for pre-GCSE, GCSE, A-levels and first year university students. As a self-employed tutor I have been able to control the hours I work and adjust them according to my university schedule. Working with a range of students has helped improve my interpersonal skills and overall time management.

As a tutor I adapt my lessons according to the individual student’s strengths and weaknesses as well as the content they’re studying or need more support with. Along with content, every student has a different teaching style they respond best to, so, I work to change my teaching styles to make the student feel more comfortable and help them understand the work.

Being a tutor has been a rewarding and interesting experience and I will definitely be continuing to tutor post-undergraduate studies. If you’re considering becoming a tutor or require a tutor for yourself or someone else, there are a range of websites where you can find affordable and qualified tutors for almost any subject. Please use the links below to explore this industry more:-

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