Month: February 2021

Leadership Award 2021

Societies and Sports Clubs at university run no less than a small business or company, they require time, dedication and genuine passion to see their successful running. Although I worked as President of CUSU MTS during a global pandemic, I have still been able to develop skills and implement new strategies and standardised practices that Read More

Society Reflection

Read the attached file below outlining the analysis of the society and the impact student unions have on university students. Read More

The Hobbit -Presentation

Speculative Fiction is a fascinating genre that explores elements of fictional writing. As part of the module, I did a presentation exploring Tolkien’s The Hobbit and how it fits as a speculative fiction novel. View the linked project to get a crash course in all things spec fic -Hobbit style. Read More

Speculative Fiction Essay

3. Examine how speculative fiction questions our notions of what makes us human? Speculative fiction is a literary genre which is encompasses, but not limited to, the sub-genres of fantasy, magical realism, science fiction and horror. One of the key defining features of speculative fiction works is the concept of a secondary world, in which Read More