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Creative Project -Commentary

‘Utopia’, coined by Sir Thomas More (1516) is the terminology used to describe the belief or interest in the design of a “perfect imaginary world” (The British Library 2021). By writing three individual diary entries, this creative project encompasses economical harmony, ecological balance and the evolution of a flawless human race, the core features of Read More

Creative Project -Diary Entries

17.05.4023 Dear Diary, Everything is just as it should be. There is nothing out of place, not in any capacity. From the melody of the birds’ morning song to the way the sunlight streams through the windows, there is nothing out of place. It makes sense, to synchronise our lives to the flow of the Read More

Society Reflection

Read the attached file below outlining the analysis of the society and the impact student unions have on university students. Read More

The Hobbit -Presentation

Speculative Fiction is a fascinating genre that explores elements of fictional writing. As part of the module, I did a presentation exploring Tolkien’s The Hobbit and how it fits as a speculative fiction novel. View the linked project to get a crash course in all things spec fic -Hobbit style. Read More

Speculative Fiction Essay

3. Examine how speculative fiction questions our notions of what makes us human? Speculative fiction is a literary genre which is encompasses, but not limited to, the sub-genres of fantasy, magical realism, science fiction and horror. One of the key defining features of speculative fiction works is the concept of a secondary world, in which Read More

Portfolio on CDA

Introduction: Critical Discourse Analysis Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) is a stem of critical language theory that focuses on the product of social and cultural relationships and how they are realised in language, primarily through the way “social power abuse, dominance and inequality are enacted, reproduced and resisted in text and talk” (Van Dijk 2015), within Read More

Uber v Aslam Case Study Assignment

1: Discuss the role of the jury in criminal cases within the English legal system In criminal cases, 12 individuals are unsystematically selected to perform the civil duty of jury service. The main use of a jury is “in the Crown Court, where it decides whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty”[1] by using Read More

Exhibition Floor Plan

In conjunction with the exhibition plan outline, attached is the floor plan with a coded key to help visualise the exhibition. Read More

Portfolio Assignment

As part of my BA English course, our degree class took a week study trip to Valencia, Spain. The trip included university visits to the city’s renowned institutions, a literary tour of the Spanish writer Vicente Blasco Ibáñez and other opportunities to experience the explosion of culture throughout the city. Our assignment required us to Read More

Stylistic Analysis Essay

Option 2: Wolf Hall by Hillary Mantel Stylistics is “a method of textual interpretation in which primacy of place is assigned to language” (Simpson 2004:3) and is a core component for literary analysis. This essay will stylistically analyse the opening scene of Hilary Mantel’s fictionalised biography Wolf Hall, a depiction of the life of Thomas Read More

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